Matwork Classes

Group matwork classes run in blocks of approximately 6 weeks duration for 1 hour and are grouped according to ability and client medical history in order to ensure a safe environment and an appropriate level for each individual.

Matwork classes use both the Pilates mat as well as small equipment such as hand weights, stability balls, bands and foam rollers to offer resistance,variety and challenge.

Group matwork classes are recommended for those clients who have no serious injuries,who enjoy the social aspect of a class environment and can commit to a scheduled time each week.

Level 1 : Beginners

Beginners mat classes are for clients that are new to Pilates or for those who have not practised the method for some time.

All clients are taught the basic principles of Pilates including Alignment, Breathing, Neutral pelvis and spine and the correct technique for activating the deep abdominal muscles ensuring that all work comes from a strong centre with good core stability.

Focus is also placed on teaching correct movement patterns enabling clients to take their Pilates practise out of the class environment and into their everyday lives.

Level 2 : Posture & Alignment

Having established a good basic foundation and knowledge of the Pilates principles,focus is now placed on an improved posture and alignment.

Exercises from the beginners reportoire are reviewed and refined and new movement patterns are introduced to challenge the basic foundations by encouraging an increased level of stability.

Level 3 : Flexibility and Control

At this level clients are taught more complex patterns of movement. Flexibility and core strength are increased and clients are encouraged to work with precision and control.

Level 4 : Intermediate

Intermediate classes begin to introduce “classical pilates” exercises where clients are taught to perform the 34 original exercises that were designed by Joesph Pilates where movements become dynamic and flowing. Modifications can be given where necessary.

Level 5 : Advanced

Advanced classes deliver the original “Full Mat” in its purest form. The exercises are taught in their correct sequence with a faster tempo and choreographed transitions. The “full mat” is incredibly challenging and requires  a high level of strength, stamina and core stability.


The Pilates reformer is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment orignally designed by jospeh pilates himself and looks like a bed with springs. It has a sliding carriage with ropes and pulleys and an adjustable footbar.

The reformer allows the matwork based exercises to be used with added resistance via the use of the springs.

This adjustable resistance helps to reform muscular imbalances, tone, strengthen and lengthen the body without adding bulk and is beneficial for both beginners and the more advanced client as well as for rehabilitation purposes.

Private 1:1

Private tuition is for those clients who would prefer a tailor – made programme specifically designed for their own body.

These sessions are arranged according to the clients own schedule and may therefore be a preferred choice for those unable to commit to a regular class timetable or for those new to Pilates who are unable to attend an Introductory workshop.

Private tuition may also be advised for clients with any injuries who have been referred to Pilates by their Practitioner or for lower back pain clients with optional access onto the Back4Good® Programme.

Private tuition may be arranged with an option of either 1:1 or a shared 1:2 duet session.