Virtual classes


Virtual online classes are an ideal way to stay connected to your Pilates practice. This maybe due to studio closures, adverse weather conditions, time restrictions, holiday absence or just personal 1:1 preference.

Your Guide

Before you start your class you will need to download Zoom onto either your iPad, laptop or phone depending on which one you will be using for the class. You only need to do this once and it is free of charge.

This example link will take you to the page you need:

If you are using a laptop or desktop the first option is the one you will need entitled  “Zoom client for meetings’’. Click download and it will ask you to register and provide your own password. If you are using an i pad, tablet or phone then you will need to download the “Zoom mobile app”. Make a note of your password in case you decide to use another device for future classes.

The teacher will then send you an invitation a day or two before the class which will look like this, it looks complex but all you need to do is click onto the highlighted link under join Zoom meeting:

Siobhan Gray is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Pilates
Time: June 9 ,2020. 09:00 AM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID:  359 297 1995

How the class works

Once you click on the link you will be taken directly to the class. The teacher will usually open the meeting 10 minutes before the start of the class to allow time for you to organise your set up but should you get a message that the host is not ready it just means that you may have arrived before the teacher!

Once you are in class you should be able to see yourself and other members of your class. You then just need to position your mat so that the camera allows the teacher to see you so that you can be given any corrections just as if the teacher was in the room with you.

Before the class starts clients can enjoy a chat together. Once class commences the teacher will mute all attendees so that there are no disturbances from any background noises and also so that the teacher can remain at the centre of the screen. If you have any questions during the class or if the teacher would like to discuss / demonstrate a new exercise the mute can be removed by the teacher or yourself.

Tips to get the most out of your class

Try to find somewhere quiet where you are not likely to be interrupted or distracted.

A mat or towel will help to frame the space you will be working within and help enable you to find a good alignment. A small cushion or towel is recommended to place under you head. Make sure you have enough room to lenghten out your arms and legs.

Try to ensure that you are in a well lit room. This can be artificial light either in front of you or overhead. If a window or patio doors are behind you it can create a silhouette so you would either need to close the curtains or blinds or place yourself and your camera on the other side of the room.

Your device needs to be set up slightly above you when you are lying on your mat. It is easier for corrections if you are able to lie side on or at least at a slight diagonal to ensure a good view of the pelvis and spine.

You will need to tilt the camera forwards slightly and prop it there in a stable position. You need to be far enough away so that the teacher can see all of you. A good guide is what you can see of yourself is what the teacher can see. The camera angle may then need to be adjusted again for any standing work.

Everyone’s wifi capacity varies but you would ideally not have lots of other wifi activities streaming in the house at the same time if possible.

Screen savers – please set this to over an hour for the duration of the sessions so as not to disappear half way through!

Devices – A laptop is the best option if available to you as they have a wider field of view and easier to manipulate the camera position via the screen. However a phone or tablet is also fine.

Trial session

Although it can sound complicated it is actually much easier than you may think. However please do not hesitate to ask for a trial run to allow you to test your  device and organise your set up prior to joining your virtual class.